10 june 2024

“Tanoshi” is the winner of the international “Silver Mercury XXV” festival!

Tanoshi won the “Best Strategy” award among children's products, services and nutrition at the advertising and marketing communications festival – “Silver Mercury XXV” for its successful advertising campaign “Tanoshi – real DADpers”!

03 june 2024

‘Merries’ is the winner of the national “Golden Bear 2023” Award!

Based on the results of the annual “Golden Bear” award, ‘Merries First Premium’ diapers took the 1st place in the “Best cosmetics and hygiene products” nomination. ‘Merries’' victory is a recognition at the highest level!

22 may 2024

"Gradient" at the "Beautiful Games 2024" in Sochi!

This year, the brands Missha, Kans, BIO-G and LaCabine took part in "Beautiful Games" – the international festival for makeup artists. Participation in such an event is not only an indicator of success, but also a great opportunity for further development!

22 may 2024

Welcome to the new products from PERIOE!

PERIOE now has a brand new category – mouthwashes. Comprehensive dental and gum care will ensure oral hygiene and make your routine not only pleasant, but also effective!

24 april 2024

Tanoshi Premium – a new line of diapers and panties from Tanoshi!

We present to you even softer and more delicate Tanoshi Premium diapers and panties! Due to the hot steam treatment technology and elastic non-woven fiber, they will provide comfort and protection to the baby's sensitive skin day and night.

22 march 2024

Gardenica is the winner of ECO BEST 2023 - the Eco Initiatives award!

On June 22, the winners of the annual ECO BEST Award were announced. Gardenica, our young brand of eco-friendly household chemicals, won the valuable award which is presented for the most successful products and practices in the field of ecology and sustainable development. On top of that two products triumphed in the Consumer Choice nomination.

08 february 2024

“Gradient” has become an exclusive distributor of the brand “KANS”!

KANS is a Chinese brand specializing in anti–aging care. The scientific approach and unique patented formulas in KANS cosmetics will help your skin stay healthy and firm at any age!

19 december 2023

Tanoshi is the winner of the Eventiada Awards 2023!

As part of the international award in the field of communications, we took 1st place in the category "Best project with a target audience: men". Our creative campaign "Tanoshi – real DADpers!" won the hearts of not only buyers, but also the expert jury!

11 december 2023

Influence Beauty – official beauty partner of “Games of the Future“!

Influence Beauty becomes official beauty partner of “Games of the Future“, sports show uniting competition in physical and digital dimensions. New products of the brand, spectacular visitor zone and make-up station will be presented during the show.

06 december 2023

Vivienne Sabó - Red Apple festival winner!

Vivienne Sabó promotional projects won two awards of the most popular Russian advertising festival “Red Apple”!
“Operation Cabaret“ gets silver in the categories “Marketing Effectiveness“ and “Creative Effectivenes“s.
“Femme Fatale“ presented by famous singer Lolita gets bronze in the category “Marketing Disciplines. Influencers“.

20 november 2023

“Pigeon” is the winner of the award “MY BRAND No.1” 2023 in Russia!

“Pigeon” is the best brand for moms and toddlers! Following the results of the All-Russian voice “Pigeon” was declared the No. 1 brand in the category “Products for children”. Customer recognition is the main achievement and the best indicator of the quality of “Pigeon” products!

16 november 2023

BIO-G – a new brand in the company's portfolio!

Innovative products for the sensitive skin care, developed by Japanese scientists. High-tech and effective ingredients in the formulations provide high-quality skincare. You can get acquainted with the assortment by following the link:

16 november 2023

Gradient” has become an exclusive distributor of the brand “Anian”!

“Anian” is a Spanish brand of haircare products that contain up to 90% natural ingredients. Start your journey into the world of high-quality and eco-friendly hair products with “Anian”!

15 november 2023

A novelty from Tanoshi – a line of night panties for children!

The “Tanoshi” brand has released a new line of panties for children – now it’s dry and comfortable even at night! The reinforced absorbent layer and anatomical shape will ensure your child has a sound and healthy sleep until the morning.

15 november 2023

The Tanoshi brand has won the 2023 Mom's Choice Award!

For the successful implementation of an advertising campaign directed at young dads, the brand received an award in the category “ The Most Significant Social Project”
All brand initiatives can be found here:

15 august 2023

The Tanoshi Brand with the Detskiy Mir shop have launched an online-school for dads!

Since the 3rd of August till the 3rd of October take lessons and participate in the promotion! We have prepared prizes: promo codes, gift certificates to the Detskiy Mir shop, an opportunity to win a year’s supply of Tanoshi diapers! Terms of the promotion:

15 august 2023

Merries is celebrating its anniversary!

For 40 years, Merries has been taking care of babies. In honour of this event, Merries has launched everyone’s favourite diapers and panties in colourful anniversary packaging. You can purchase them here: For 40 years we have been working for Your smiles. Smile with Merries !

09 june 2023

Brands Missha, LaCabine and LookDore are the main heroes of “Makeup games” 2023 !

“Makeup games” festival is a meet place of the most famous Russian makeup artists. Korean brand Missha and Spanish ampoule cosmetics LaCabine and LookDore took part in it and got love of makeup artists.

06 june 2023

Greet Tanoshi, our new baby diaper brand!

Ultra-thin and breathable, Tanoshi diapers are created using modern technologies from soft, hypoallergenic materials. The brand has already appeared in major points of sale and marketplaces, and an advertising campaign to support the launch will start on June 15th.

06 june 2023

Go Green with Pigeon!

Pigeon, a Japanese brand of goods for mothers and babies, has launched a large-scale eco-project «Go Green» and offers to give plastic a second life! This is a part of the brand's global environmental initiatives. More information at

24 april 2023

Meet the brand new diapers premium line from Merries

The Merries brand has launched a new First Premium line in Russian stores. Thanks to smooth and rich absorbent layers plus 100% breathability, new premium diapers and panties are soft and gentle to baby skin, like cashmere.

24 march 2023

Top again! KAO & Pigeon break into the 100 Best Brands in Japan

Extending the tendency of recent years KAO (19th place) and Pigeon (73rd) are included in the Interbrand Japan 2023 rating. Interbrand Japan is an annual ranking dedicated to the Japanese brands valuation and brand analytics.

23 january 2023

"Do It Yourself!" The laCabine ad led to a five-fold increase in sales

n the fall of 2022, the laCabine brand's "Do It Yourself" digital campaign took place. The results of the Gradient teams’ work are in numbers: the sales for the brand in December vs. October for OZON, Wildberries, Golden Apple increased by 403%!

19 december 2022

Meet the brand new "Perioe PUMPING" toothpaste from South Korea

On December 12, the "Golden Apple" chain-store exclusively started to sell the limited series of the "Perioe PUMPING " toothpaste – in unique bottles with a dispenser. "Perioe" is a bestseller in South Korea because of its quality and unusual flavors.

13 december 2022

The launch of the «Reach» website – the worldwide brand of toothbrushes

Now the «Reach» brand has its own landing page in Russia – Here you can see the range of «Reach»’s toothbrushes – each one is proven to be comfortable and efficient. Its unique bended head is perfect for cleaning hard-to-reach places.

13 december 2022

"Merries" is the winner of the contest "Brand No. 1 in Russia" 2022!

"Merries" is the best brand for babies! The Russians chose "Merries" as the #1 brand in the "Baby Diapers and Panties" category. The trust of our consumers is a big victory and an admission of the premium quality of "Merries" on the highest level!

01 december 2022

"Gradient" becomes the exclusive distributor of the MISSHA brand

MISSHA produces high-class cosmetics and glorious make-up. The focus category of the brand is the legendary BB-creams and cushions. MISSHA's success lies in the combination of hi-tech technologies and strictly allergy-tested natural extracts.

01 december 2022

A bright innovation from Urban Formula is the BASIC series with basic dietary supplements

It contains the main components for health and beauty: zinc, selenium, iron, omega-3, chromium, folic acid, magnesium.
Each is presented in a bioavailable form for the best absorbtion.
Keep yourself fit with the new products from Urban Formula in winter!

30 november 2022

XIMERA collection from INFLUENCE BEAUTY — mix of textures for everyday make-up

Emphasize your unique beauty with the new XIMERA collection. Each product is a combination of textures in nude shades.
Expand the horizons of everyday makeup and implement the «chimerization» vibe together with INFLUENCE — try XIMERA one of the first.

25 november 2022

Try first — Vivienne Sabó collabing beauty bloggers

There’s nothing like Cabaret Premiere mascara and liner. Only legendary products exclusively designed by fav bloggers Aveme Lissa, Aida & Red Autumn. Dramatic volume and new emotions from your make-up – enjoy every minute of it with Vivienne Sabó!

01 november 2022

Laurier together with doctors talks to teenagers about health

Laurier with the Department of Pediatrics of the RMANPO supported by the Hospital of Khimki, launched a project for teenage girls in Khimki. At the first meeting they discussed feminine hygiene, gave girls the Laurier pads and coupons for

22 august 2022

Vivienne Sabó presents a new collection of fantastic mascaras!

Excited and thrilled about fantastic volume — Vivienne Sabó launches new Fantastique, Grotesque and Excentrique mascaras! Promotional campaign airs on August 22. You can buy new mascaras in major chains and on marketplaces. Famous bloggers have already assessed the fantastic effect of the new mascaras.

19 august 2022

New by Meine Liebe. Laundry pods

Biodegradable water soluble pods are best for machine washing in water of any hardness.
The gel contains a special ingredient creating fabric softener effect – it softens and prevents from fuzzing and pills formation.

04 august 2022

The new line from Laurier – comfort and tenderness instead of your period

Now even comfier! Laurier presents: brand new ultra-thin pads – Super Slim Guard with an absorbent layer of just 1 mm. Keeping the best from the Laurier F line, the new pads for your period are even safer.

01 august 2022

Global week of breast feeding with Pigeon

This significant event is held from 1st till 7th of August initiated by World Health Organisation for more than 30 years.
Japanese brand Pigeon knows how important it is to keep breast feeding.
And that's why it launches unique products for mums and babies to help with this goal.

22 june 2022

New launch by Urban Formula! Glucosamine & Chondroitin

Vitamin complex 3 in 1 enriched with collagen for health of joints, ligaments and spine. It is essential for the people spending a lot of time in a seated position or, on the other hand, for actively moving people. Protect your joints and ligaments from tension!

22 june 2022

New launch by Urban Formula! Eyes Protector

Eye protection from exposure to digital screens.
This vitamin complex is essential for the people who spend a lot of their time in front of computer screens and smartphone displays.
Rich composition of lutein, zeaxanthin, rutin and blueberry extract will help you see the world clearly.

22 june 2022

New launch by Urban Formula! Slimbiotic Flat Belly

Vitamin complex for flat belly and natural weight management.
Synbiotics (complex of pro- and prebiotics) helps to maintain the microbiome and to increase the activity of normal gut microbiome, as well as to lose weight naturally.
Feel light with Urban Formula!

30 may 2022

New skincare line for teenagers ACNE FIGHTER by Beauty Bomb!

The line includes 10 cleansing, hydrating and nourishing products for oily and blemish-prone skin, that help to get rid of acne, blackheads and other face blemishes. The collection was made in sleek juvenile design.

11 may 2022

Influence Beauty presents CRYPTO collection

Crypto was inspired by blockchain and NFT. It includes 8 products for futuristic makeup. The design and colours of the collection refer to crypto and digital art. You can create makeup of cyber-models with these unmatched textures.

06 may 2022

КАО is the only asian company in a list of the most ethical global companies

Ethisphere – the leading analitycal centre of USA – regards KАО corporation as one of the most ethical global companies. For 16 years КАО has been appearing on this list for the remarkable results in the field of transparancy of the company, fairtrade and  regulatory compliance.

06 may 2022

Explore the beauty with Bio-Oil

At the end of April Moscow hosted conference "Basic and applied research in dermatology and beauty care". As an expert in a fight against stretch marks Bio oil  participates in key events on esthetic medicine and prevention of dermal deseases.

06 may 2022

New mascara Femme Fatale by Vivienne Sabó and Lolita Milyavskaya

Femme Fatale mascara is now available in a new tube, created featuring a stage star and a fabulous woman – Lolita Milyavskaya. Femme Fatale is one of Vivienne Sabó bestsellers, being a winner of Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards 2021.

05 may 2022

New brand of pet foods Leo&Lucy

Leo&Lucy pet foods for dogs and cats are launching in the summer 2022.  Product line includes dry and wet food. The foods are produced on European equipment from domestic ingredients. Each lot is undergoing strict quality control.

05 may 2022

Meet a new collection PERLE DE LA MER by Vivienne Sabó

The collection includes 9 gorgeous makeup products with stylish marine design. The collection launch will be promoted by a digital challenge, offering promo-discount for makeup products. The challenge will be posted on VK and Telegram.

04 may 2022

Inquiry assistants SberSalute and Meine Liebe

Since spring 2022 Meine Liebe and new virtual assistant of Sberbank –Salute have launched the trial mode of a smartApp Racoon. You can ask any question about cleaning and home hygiene, and we will help you solve your household matters.

29 april 2022

Meine Liebe exclusively for Gulliver

Gulliver – retailer of premium clothes and toys for kids – is extending its product range with Gulliver Home and Gulliver Baby. In line with this project Meine Liebe has become an exclusive partner in home care products by developing laundry products for the retailer.

15 april 2022

Plogging is a combination of jogging with picking up litter

Plogging is distance jogging combined with picking up various, mostly plastic, litter. Meine Liebe actively participates in organization of off-line jogging in different cities of Russia. More than a ton of various litter is collected during the ploggings.

04 april 2022

Vivienne Sabó Festival at Rive Gauche

From 1st till 30th of June Rive Gauche hosts Vivienne Sabó festival. The theme of the festival is Metamourphoses collection. During the festival you can get 50% discount on the particular products and Cabaret Premiere 01 mascara. Also you can get 40% discount on mascaras from Metamourphoses collection.

03 march 2022

Now Professor SkinGOOD has mask sheets and patches for all occasions

Professor SkinGOOD product range is being systematically broadened, and now we have mask sheets and patches for skin hydration and nourishment, revitalizing, anti-aging and cleansing. In addition: nose strips, mattifying tissues, face bands.

01 april 2021

Meet a new brand of modern nutraceuticals – Urban Formula!

Urban Formula is a balanced combination of vitamins and minerals for people living in big cities: we have tested all the ingredients for compatibility and built them up as a smart constructor so that you don’t have to bother about synergy and their purpose.